BLOOM - April 2021 New Moon Intentions

“When a seed breaks and the light hidden within starts manifesting, when a child is born and leaves the womb behind, all the comforts and all the conveniences behind, moves into the unknown world - it is ecstasy. When a bird breaks the egg and flies into the sky, it is ecstasy. “Osho

This winter felt especially dark, I spent most of the season at home on my own and was left with many long hours. Sometimes the darkness felt heavy, but to embrace it was an opportunity to listen for what comes up in the quiet. Like ice, there can be clarity when things feel frozen and slow. While there were most definitely moments of frustration and loneliness, I’ve found as spring has blossomed that I have bright intentions coming through like seedlings. 

This Sunday April 11th there is a New Moon, the first of spring, and while the moon is dark it is a powerful time to set clear intentions to grow. Think of it as planting a garden for your life - what harvest do you want to be enjoying in the months to come? 

As Osho describes above, with new beginnings there can be pain and fear, but there is pure joy in releasing a part of yourself to expand that has been left dormant. 

To take a moment on the New Moon for intention setting, create a calm, sacred space in your home. This could be lighting a candle, collecting a few special objects (photos, crystals, art, feathers), spritzing a grounding essential oil like lavender or sage, and getting cozy with a blanket and pillows. Have a piece of paper and pen nearby, and your journal. Spend 5-10 min journaling on this thought: 

“What joy do I want to cultivate for myself?” 

After free-flow journaling, take the piece of paper and write down the main themes that emerged. Fold the paper up, and tuck it under your mattress, the pot of a beloved house plant, or under anything meaningful for the intentions (ex in a photo frame). Take a few moments to quietly meditate, tuck into Seed Pose (below), and enjoy a mug of mint tea or a fragrant bath.